Thursday, 17 November 2011


I am having no friend before
Longing for a love from someone
Other than Him, at once
Viewing my opinion about friend
Especially about you
Youths always dream a bed of roses
Of their lives like I do
Unfortunately not everything is beautiful
Better for me not to dream like them
Eternally I will realize
Cute life is not easy to have
As a friend like you
Used to realize me about it
Somehow I know a friend
Exactly such you, are wonderful, amazing
Has a lots of secret inside
It is really exciting to have you right now
My friend


It is so hard to know her result from her but
her friend told her that
she is in the third position in her class
masyaAllah, she had beaten me up
anyway, the funny thing is
she failed her addmath like me
hahaha....not nice to laugh at her...
still, i respect her for the victory
for army, student of maktab mahmud alor setar,
one of the prefect of this school,
congratulation buddy !!
keep it up..okay !
you know what ???!!!
you look so happy with your friend
maybe from outside
you look quiet, but actually
you`re not....hehhee :)
i think this is the first time
i`ve seen you such this happy
again, congratulation..
for the next year
let`s compete for every test okay !!


Are you the one,
Received you should I do as
My Creator sent me ?
You make me wonder somehow

I need an explanation
So I can get clear about us

Care about you always I do
Or I`ll feel guilty for neglecting you
Nevertheless I realize
For everything that I did is nothing for you
Uncomfortable is the only thing that you feel
Since I`m by your side
I try to glad you but
No matter what i`ve done to you, yet, still
Getting you feel sick with me

Maybe i should leave, should not get into your life and
Everything will be fine like always

Saturday, 12 November 2011


 So, these are the students...let see, we got addin and army here...also we have nurul izzati jihadi, wahibah, aina the papparazi and else that i don`t recognize...haha...
come on, guess which is army and guys know what ? addin looks different here..i don`t know why...ask her..
and army...hahaha...i love her baju kurung.. its colour so striking...and her smile....oh dude, if i`m just by her side right now, i`ll ask her to smile nicely...she looks cute like a child...^_^" but don`t tell her, ok !
addin said they had played the music chair during the feast, if she doesn`t mind, i would like to watch it too...:) hey addin ! will you upload that video for me ? please say yes...(desperately)
the food that have been prepared...masyaAllah, such a big feast....haha..for those who involved in this feast, don`t mind me ok...
yo ! check this out...someone was sitting on a table....hahaha... i wonder why she looks alone...did she wear a watch ? i can`t see it....

p/s: for addin, hope you won`t get mad on me for this...

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


If you wanna succeed
you can have it
but promise me please
you have to study
you must get ready
but don`t forget
to pray oftenly
as it is going
to be nothing if you leaving it
we need Him indeed
or else we are dying

I made this song for everyone but just women can listen to it as my voice need to be taken care of.
dear addmath, thanks to you, I get an idea to make this song.
Even I have failed in addmath, but it doesn`t mean I`ll loose to you forever. I will prove that I can do out addmath.....I`m coming after you!!!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


She`s like the sun behind the cloud
shining her light straight into my life
she is like the stars filling the sky
glimmering the dark of my night
how i`m happy with her presence
how i wanna befriend with her
oh my friend, do you hear me by this time ?
I`m wondering alone

My heart wanna be with you
myself wanna see you too
but are you willing to see ?
as for you I`m someone new

Monday, 7 November 2011


I look at the page
showing me their conversation
they are so happy with their friend
making jokes
and having fun
i'm so happy seeing them happy with their friends
it is so nice
and even sometime
I laugh too for their jokes....

I know
I 'm just someone new
don't understand them well
and don't know how to make them happy
I feel so happy
seeing them having great time with their friends
If I could do the same thing...

I got a message from someone
that I would like to have a chat with
I felt guilty of a sudden
this is not the time
I can't have a great time with them
that sometime
i forgot to hold onto it

Do I block myself
from being happy
by doing this ?
I don't know
frankly speaking
yes, i do feel hurt
as I have to leave them
I afraid if they hate me one day
when I try to get into their lives back

Dear my good friends army and qasrus,
if everything that I did today
making you guys feel hurt
I am sorry
I really don't mean to
Just sorry
sorry as it is so hard to explain
please, do understand me,
will you guys ?

Deeply from my heart
I am so happy having friends like both of you
you guys
really make me think
the real meaning of friend and friendship
before this
I have never think about this
never care about friend
for me
friend is not so necessary
but now
I realized
how I was so wrong about that

Allah hear me
how I was so happy having you guys
when I feel down
I come back to Him
telling Him my problems
when He sends me you guys
I am so happy and I thank Him
when I did wrong to you
I felt guilty
I apologized you
and I pray to Him
Oh Allah
I made a lot of silly mistakes to them
forgive me please
send my regard to them
tell them how I am sorry for the mistakes